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Speaking of Satire with Tiernan Douieb

February 23, 2021 John A. Ball and Tiernan Douieb Season 2 Episode 41
Speaking Influence
Speaking of Satire with Tiernan Douieb
Show Notes

Politics is a funny old game and it's always ripe for satire.

Tiernan Douieb is the host of the Partly Political Podcast, a hilarious show that talks about the latest goings-on in the world of UK politics and how sometimes it can be hard to be funnier when the jokes come ready-made.

Tiernan is a professional stand up comedian and is very active in doing events specifically aimed at kids. He's been keeping himself busy in lockdown by making his show, guesting on others like mine and taking care of his daughter. We had a great time chatting and a lot of laughs. I hope you enjoy it?

If you want to know more about Tiernan, here are the links:

My next guest is the incredible storyteller and speaker Dave Bricker, creator of Story Sailing. Tune in for that and join me in my Facebook group for presentation and public speaking skills 'Speaking Influence' with daily live streams and more.

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